Counterattack from Mihriban Hurmacı, the wife of Özer Hurmac! 30 million

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Özer Hurmacı's wife Mihriban Counterattack from Hurmacı! 30 million TL...

Mihriban Hurmacı is against her husband, Özer Hurmacı, who filed a divorce case towards her with the allegation that she accuses me of being the man who cheated on me through her astrological charts. filed for divorce.

Counter attack from Özer Hurmacı's wife, Mihriban Hurmacı! 30 million TL...

Mihriban Hurmacı, claiming that the allegations are fiction and slander, gained a compensation of 30 million liras and three He demanded a complete of SEVENTY FIVE thousand liras child make stronger for his kid. Claiming that her husband was threatening to throw her out of the house and her lifestyles protection used to be in danger, Mihriban Hurmacı additionally had a 2 months suspension choice.

A counterattack from Özer Hurmacı's wife Mihriban Hurmacı! 30 million TL...

Ozer Hurmacı, who performed for Fenerbahçe, Trabzonspor and Bursaspor for some time, married Mihriban Hurmacı in 2015.

He threatens my shopper through pronouncing, ‘If you don’t get divorced beneath the conditions i would like, i will be able to throw you out of the house you reside in’. A counterattack from Özer Hurmacı's wife, Mihriban Hurmacı! 30 million TL...

as a result of Özer Hurmacı’s threats, my consumer has the protection of life is also at stake,” it mentioned. Mihriban Hurmacı, who sought after the custody of her THREE youngsters to receive to her, demanded SEVENTY FIVE thousand liras monthly child beef up for her youngsters. He also demanded 15 million monetary repayment and 15 million non-pecuniary reimbursement from his spouse.

A counterattack from Özer Hurmacı's wife, Mihriban Hurmacı! 30 million TL...


Özer Hurmacı had been at the schedule ultimate week, saying that her husband was too all for astrology in her petition for the divorce case she filed. within the petition, Mihriban Hurmacı, who’s constantly interested by astrology, places drive on her husband Özer Hurmacı by means of looking at her astrological charts, saying, “you might be cheating on me.”

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