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A computer is a process that takes the information entered by the users into the data entry unit. It is an electronic device that processes the information entered with the unit. Then, it can store the results obtained within itself, and output the results of the processed data to the user.

In this age when technology is developing, computers take up the majority of our lives. Thanks to computers that reach billions of people, many people’s work becomes easier. With the introduction of the internet into our lives, people take care of their work from the computer.

The invention of the computer is very old. However, the introduction of personal computers into our lives does not go back long. The process of cheap personal computers was very expensive in the early days. The software installed on them to be useful, took a lot of time. This process almost passed as a race between hardware manufacturers and software producers. But the last five years have filled with very important developments for computer-aided home, office and industry.

Computers that make life this much easier have benefits as well as harm. At this point, the important thing is to balance computer usage and users should be careful of computer addiction. People can protect themselves from the harmful effects of the computer by controlling themselves. First of all, people working in areas such as design and drawing were able to carry out their work quickly and effectively with fully automatic systems. Apart from this, regulators provide effective service to citizens with a highly developed infrastructure in the service sector.


  • Computer users should use the grounded socket,
  • The uninterruptible power supply should be used against voltage drops,
  • You must turn on your computer in accordance with the instructions given in the operating system,
  • The environment should be clean, airy, and not humid,
  • You should get your computer away from devices that will create magnetic fields,
  • Care should be taken not to turn off the computer while it is operating.
  • Eating and drinking should not be done on the computer,
  • In terms of your health, you should not be in front of the computer for a long time and should be busy with other works occasionally.

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