Closing minute! Trabzonspor’s Abdulkadir Finger and Dorukhan Tokoz

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Trabzonspor Club Physician Op. Dr. Hakan Çelik made a press release regarding the health status of Abdulkadir Finger and Dorukhan Toköz.

Hakan Çelik said, “As a result of the examination of Abdulkadir Finger, who was once injured within the Kasımpaşa match, and the MRI taken today, grade 1 muscle within the left thigh posterior muscle. Damage has been detected and the treatment of our player keeps. within the same fit, Dorukhan, who used to be found to have strain after the blow to his proper hip in a double battle with an opponent in the same pageant, confirmed stress and edema within the proper thigh upper muscle tendon in the MRI taken, and the treatment of our participant was once began.


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