Closing minute – Super League championship odds updated

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Tremendous League championship charges were up to date in İddaa. The seventh week matches in the Tremendous League ended with the fits performed yesterday.

The championship charges have been up to date after the 7th week results within the Super League. The ratio of Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe was determined as 2.85. Trabzonspor has been updated to 3.70 and Galatasaray to 4.30.

Super League championship rates

Beşiktaş: 2.85

Fenerbahçe: 2.85

Trabzonspor: 3.70

Galatasaray: 4.30

Here are the Super League championship charges: (Remaining week)

Beşiktaş – 2.75

Fenerbahce – 2.90

Trabzonspor – 3.50

Galatasaray – 4.60

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