Closing Minute | Sergen Yalçın description from Mario Balotelli!

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Last Minute | Mario Balotelli' Sergen Yalçın statement from!

“Earlier Than I came to Turkey, I watched the whole lot about me. that is my idea. this is professionalism. that is already there in professional sportsmanship. all the information about Turkey i purchased it. i have always been happy with the voters of the Republic of Turkey, with the folk, with the passion they’ve proven me. i have no issues of Beşiktaş enthusiasts.”

Last Minute | Sergen Yalçın statement from Mario Balotelli!

“i’m additionally conscious about the fortify that Beşiktaş lovers have given me at the time. they have got all the time embraced me. i’ve no issues of Beşiktaş fanatics or Beşiktaş footballers. Many soccer players taking part in in Beşiktaş are already my friends. I did this that night time in addition. everyone noticed it. I hugged and embraced many football gamers there.”

Last Minute | Description of Sergen Yalçın from Mario Balotelli!

“Whilst I Was within the dressing room, prior to the sport, a football player family member of mine, whose title I did not wish to name, made me watch the video.

I Used To Be very sorry. This gave me a different motivation. I already advised my teacher in the locker room, ‘Please play me. I need to play, i have a solution to offer. Am I sensible or not? Am I brainless or no longer? I said, ‘I’ll show it to him. My downside is not the football gamers from Beşiktaş or the precious fanatics within the stands, it can’t be, it by no means might be. i know how they appear at me.” Last Minute | Sergen Yalçın's statement by Mario Balotelli!

“Allow it’s known that I never have the rest to do with money and stamps. i really like this sport, football. Any Individual who knows me knows. i love Adana Demirspor fanatics who take care of me. i love the people of Adana. Pricey President Murat Sancak, Expensive Metin Korkmaz, our instructor and the lovers have all the time supported me. that is an overly beautiful city. i am glad in Turkey, Turkey is my 2nd place of origin. i am thankful for the pastime and worry shown to me here.”

Last Minute | Sergen Yalçın statement by Mario Balotelli!

“i am also a very useful person.

i like children greatly. i like children greatly. Nationality, religion, language, race makes no difference to me. i love everyone so much. I also asked an appointment at the state orphanage for the following week.” Last Minute | Sergen Yalçın statement from Mario Balotelli!

“The Republic of Turkey additionally responded positively and thanked. i will lend a hand the kids there. I’m Going To buy them a jersey, soccer shoes, footwear, stationery, tracksuits, shorts. Whatever it’s, whatever it lacks, i decided to fulfill all of it by myself. i might like to thank the State of the Republic of Turkey for giving me this chance.”

Last Minute | Description of Sergen Yalçın from Mario Balotelli!

“the sport machine and discipline of the Adana Demirspor staff could be very excellent. i’m very happy here, I wish to achieve nice luck.

First of all, our technical committee, our president Murat Sancak and Metin Korkmaz created an excessively wholesome environment for football. this is a soccer town. I wish to achieve nice good fortune here. I wish to experience championships.”

Last Minute | Sergen Yalçın statement by Mario Balotelli!


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