Cenk Tosun is counting the times! He were given over his damage

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He Is counting down the times to get the Cenk Tosun jersey, which Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi wants to upload to his halftime or end-of-season squad.

He will work with the team after 2 weeks at Everton

Tosun Pasha, who recovered after a significant injury and surgical operation and now began to work together with his pals in the company of a personal teacher, may also sign up for workforce activities two weeks later.

Cenk Tosun might be at the roster in November

It has been realized that Cenk Tosun, whose educate Rafael Benitez could be very interested within the building up in accidents within the centre-forward, shall be in a place to enter the match squad in November. robust>

The scorer mentioned that he was once more than happy with Beşiktaş’s pastime, but that his best goal right now is to join Everton’s squad.

He contributed 3 objectives to Beşiktaş< /strong>

Cenk Tosun, who played for Beşiktaş on mortgage at the half time of last season, won 3rd place within the Tremendous League, Ziraat Tü He was once capable of wear the black and white jersey for a total of four suits, together with 1 within the Turkey Cup. The national football player, who closed the season with a knee injury in Erzurum away, scored 3 objectives in Beşiktaş. (Ajansspor)

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