Çaykur Rizespor President Tahir Kıran: Emre Belözoğlu is on the door

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Çaykur Rizespor, who could not win in the first 6 weeks of the league and handiest scored 1 element, had not too long ago parted techniques with instruct Bülent Uygun. Even As it was once a question of curiosity to whom the Black Sea group may entrust the workforce, it was claimed that Emre Belözoğlu was once also at the listing for the task in question. Then Again, Rizespor President Tahir Kıran strongly denied the allegations. speaking to Çay TELEVISION, the boss of the Blue-Vegetables said, “I do not let Emre Belözoğlu in the course of the doorways of the amenities, regardless of what someone writes, in my opinion and there’s no position for Emre Belözoğlu in my membership! i have not forgotten the Başakşehir match, i will be able to not permit the person who attacked a journalist into my club.” ” he stated.

‘i can burn the arena if important!’

Tahir Kıran mentioned the Oğulcan Çağlayan pressure with Galatasaray and the game they’ll play with the Yellow-Kırmızılılar next week. He additionally made flash statements. listed below are Tahir Kıran’s statements…

“We got our money from Galatasaray. How did we get it? We mentioned, ‘Don’t let it cross, give us our cash’ and we got our cash. I placed my honor within the presidency of Rizespor. I positioned my surname, I may not allow somebody eat or scratch it! If vital, I Will burn the world! there is a cat I keep as so much as a mouse they catch. i do not consume those rudders! the only thing that upsets me is that our fellow countrymen do not stand by me. if they do not stand via me, i will not struggle these barons. i need justice! i need the consequences of the fits, no longer the referees, Allow the players decide it.”

‘We wish to bury that sure crew there’

“We want to get issues from Başakşehir. Then that positive group (Galatasaray) Rize’ “We wish to bury it! That sure staff is coping with us a lot. We need to bury that sure staff there! i do not always go to the locker room, but in certain games, within the games i have to move, i can move.”

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