Bursaspor is making victory calculations

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Ozcan Bizati, the tutor of Bursaspor, certainly one of the TFF 1st League teams, mentioned that they’re going to do their best possible to get THREE points in the Beypiliç Boluspor fit, and used the phrase “Let our fans continue to beef up us”.

According To the remark made via the green and white crew, Bizati, speaking earlier than the educational held at Özlüce Facilities, within the scope of preparations for the Beypiliç Boluspor fit, mentioned that they have got established a definite sport layout and they will be even better.

Indicating that they’re aiming for 3 issues in the Boluspor match, Bizati mentioned: “Our lovers continue to reinforce us. I invite everyone to the stands to beef up our group so as to reach not unusual luck. Via the way, İsmail Yüksek in the Boluspor fit. There’s a possibility of enjoying. İsmail ÇokÇalış has a recovery duration of just about a month. Erhan’s situation can be identified on the match time.”


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