Burak Elmas mentioned his first 100 days in Galatasaray

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Galatasaray Membership President Elmas announced the file, which was ready in line with the guarantees they made throughout the election duration, on Galatasaray Television. Elmas mentioned that they have got fulfilled so much in their guarantees all over their ONE HUNDRED-day mandate. Elmas emphasized that they fulfilled their ONE HUNDRED-day guarantees through 77.1 % and used the following expressions:

‘we are against all Galatasaray fanatics’

“As you understand, Galatasaray has ONE HUNDRED days in the presidential elections. We had announced our guarantees and promised, “After ONE HUNDRED days, we will prepare our file playing cards ourselves. That day has come. we’re in front of all Galatasaray enthusiasts to speak approximately what we did and what lets now not do with all transparency. i will be able to safely say that we now have fulfilled so much of our guarantees. some of our guarantees are still running.” ‘

‘we’ve prepared a 100-web page presentation’

”In the first weeks after we came to the management, we made up our minds that Galatasaray had different needs. We made some promises. That Is why we had additional work besides our guarantees. We ready a ONE HUNDRED-web page presentation to provide an explanation for the placement we have come to as of late. now we have completed our success at a charge of 77.1 percent.”

The targeted presentation of the file was made by means of Galatasaray Membership Corporate Communications Director Ahu Özyurt.

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