Breaking news: Sergen Yalçın didn’t chance the famous person football participant!

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In Beşiktaş, on the way to play its closing match with Demir Grup Sivasspor in the Super League prior to the nationwide holiday, Teach Sergen Yalçın didn’t come with Pjanic in the squad, although he could play.

According to Milliyet; Yalçın, who didn’t come with the celebrity player within the workforce as a result of the danger that he would be injured if he wore the jersey, integrated Necip, Vida and Alex in the squad. Although he is aware of how vital the Sivasspor fit is, the black and white technical guy who desires to rest Pjanic so as to not possibility the next fits is expected to offer Vida a jersey.

Necip and Alex will start as a change


Sergen Yalçın, who’s considering undressing Necip and Alex, can even review those gamers dependent on the placement. The experienced train, who is taking into account enjoying Serdar or N’Sakala alongside Vida at the centre-again, will make this selection at the match day.

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