Breaking news! Ajax fashion in Beşiktaş! Delegation to the Netherlands

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Besiktas, who misplaced 2-ZERO away to Ajax within the Champions League, had important conferences with the managers of the rival crew, which they met at the friendship dinner earlier than the match in Amsterdam. Main Points of that dinner attended by means of Erdal Torunoğulları and Ceyhun Kazancı have emerged.


CONSISTENT WITH Sabah’s news; The question of black-and-white managers to the Dutch, “How Many infrastructure fields do you’ve?” the answer he won to the question was astonishing.

Ajax President Frank Eijken responded, “We Have 14 pitches, we will add 4 more in the near long run”. Beşiktaş’s reaction, “There are usually 1 or 2 pitches for infrastructure teams in Turkey,” showed the difference.


The executives of Beşiktaş won information on monetary problems from Edwin van der Sar, CEO of Ajax. Sar said, “we do not have any debt. we do not must pay annual passion, and the like. Ajax officers, who heard the interest rate, simplest replied, “is this real? It Is unbelievable.” Having won a good response from Ajax officers, the black-and-whites will shape a delegation within the coming weeks and result in for Amsterdam again. The delegation will encompass managers, infrastructure managers, technical team individuals and a qualified coping with financial affairs; it is stated that reporting might be made approximately Ajax’s device for a couple of days.

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