Breaking information: Vitor Pereira’s indispensables in Fenerbahçe

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Breaking news: Fenerbahçe' de Vitor Pereira's essentials

While excellent protecting work used to be done in Fenerbahçe within the EIGHT-week duration, Vitor Pereira’s preferences also came to the fore. Pereira, who established a triple defense system, never gave up on the 4 names on the protection side.

Breaking news: Vitor Pereira's essentials in Fenerbahçe

Goalkeeper Altay Bayındır, defender Kim Min Jae and Attila Szalai, and protective midfielder Luiz Gustavo were never reduce through Pereira. While Altay closed his objective thrice in EIGHT fits, his retailer charge used to be 74 percent. Kim Min Jae and Szalai, who’re now a suitable duo on protection, have completed an excessively just right degree.

Breaking news: Vitor Pereira's essentials in Fenerbahçe

Who performed in 7 fits, 87 %’ He drew attention with his 1st cross hit, 3.7 air ball grabbing and SEVENTY ONE percent duel win price consistent with sport.

Breaking news: Vitor Pereira is indispensable in Fenerbahçe

In Szalai He had a 75 percent pass accuracy, 2.6 air ball grabbing and 60 p.c duel win charge. Luiz Gustavo, who the group by no means gave up, got here to the fore with 86 percent move accuracy, 50 p.c double-combating and 1.6 % grabbing, and he used to be glad to attain as soon as in the Super League.

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