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Eating and drinking habits affect both the person’s condition during the day and his mental and physical activities. If there is a physical and mental problem, one of the most important reasons is eating habits. Mistakes made in eating habits can cause forgetfulness, fatigue, and decreased cognitive ability. The most important stage of nutrition is breakfast.

Effects of Breakfast on the Body

The human body continues to work even while sleeping. However, your metabolism slows down a little. If you want to regain your energy when you wake up in the morning, you should definitely have breakfast. Otherwise, you may experience problems such as fatigue, distraction, and headache all day.

Breakfast is especially important for those who want to lose weight. A healthy breakfast made when you wake up in the morning speeds up your metabolism. If you skip the breakfast meal, what you eat at your next meal will not be beneficial for you. Breakfast, which is very important especially for children, provides a regular intake of fat, carbohydrate, protein, and vitamins for children in their development process. When children do not eat their breakfast in the morning, researchers observe a decrease in learning and muscle coordination. In summary, breakfast is necessary for the energy for the body to “start” working all day long.

As a result of the researches, we can explain the importance of breakfast and the benefits of regular breakfast as follows:

  • It is important for better control of weight. It turned out that those who skipped breakfast gained weight more easily and were fatter.
  • Research has revealed that children who eat breakfast regularly are more successful in the classroom and are more skilled in understanding and problem-solving.
  • The blood sugar is balanced thanks to the regular breakfast.
  • It is beneficial for the nervous system to work.

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