Big compliments to Fatih Tere from Elmander! The Most Productive technique I’ve worked with

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Candid statements from Johan Elmander. Words of praise from former Swedish soccer participant Johan Elmander, who performed for Galatasaray between 2011 and 2013, to Fatih Terim. Chatting With TRTSpor, Elmander stated that Fatih Terim is the best instruct he has worked with.

“the most efficient instruct i’ve labored with is Terim”

‘Fatih Terim may be very excellent. a person. I additionally love him as a educate. Because he makes each poor and sure complaint. Everybody at the group is very respectful towards him. the most efficient instruct I Have ever labored with.’

“you usually supply your 100%”

‘Every time I come to Turkey, they show me the picture with blood on my head they usually say, ‘This is why we love you, you always supply 100%’. There are many suits I performed with injuries.’

He played for 2 seasons!

Elmander, who performed for Galatasaray for 2 seasons between 2011 and 2013, scored 17 objectives and scored FIVE goals in 61 suits. assisted performance.

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