Beykan Şimşek used to be cited PFDK because of his unlawful habits

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THE CHOICES taken by the Felony Counselor of the Turkish Football Federation are as follows:

“1- GÖZTEPE A.Ş. DUE TO the “illegal habits” in the fit, it was made up our minds to be despatched to PFDK cautiously as of 23.09.2021 in accordance with Article FORTY THREE of the Football Self-Discipline Order. KAYSERİSPOR-GALATASARAY INC. IN ACCORDANCE with the 52nd article of the Football Discipline Order as a result of “box occasions” within the Super League competition and the 46th article of the Football Self-Discipline Order as a result of “acts towards the instructions” and the Tremendous League and TFF 1st League Broadcasting Order’ Article FORTY SIX of the Football Self-Discipline Guideline, because of the “contrary to the directions” of GUSTAVO CAMPANHORO, a soccer participant of YUKATEL KAYSERİSPOR Club, within the similar pageant, pursuant to Article 8/8 of the FA and to the PFDKA according with Article 4 of the Accreditation Guide. with the Accreditation Directive In Step With Article 7/1-ç, he was once sent to PFDK without any precaution, ‘Contrary to the directions’ of YUKATEL KAYSERİSPOR Club soccer participant TALHA SARIARSLAN in the related pageant, It was once determined to ship him to PFDK without precaution according with Article FORTY SIX of the Football Self-Discipline Order and Article FIVE/EIGHT of the 2021-2022 Season Tremendous League Competitions Statute.”


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