Besiktas President Ahmet Nur Cebiden’s harm statement!

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Beşiktaş will face Ajax in the Netherlands in the Champions League. Before this struggle, the president of the black and white membership, Ahmet Nur Cebi, made statements about both the Ajax match and the general situation of the staff.

listed below are Ahmet Nur Cebi’s statements to TRT Spor:

In All Places Beşiktaş fans are, it’s enjoyable and fun. Beşiktaş enthusiasts all the time strengthen their group. I thank them. The Champions League is a separate lane. All teams are very strong. On The Grounds That we will be able to play in the Champions League, we made the transfer making plans in moderation, however sadly we have a few shortcomings. Perhaps the injuries experienced will be a possibility for our young pals to seek out an opportunity.

I on a regular basis visit the soccer players and have quick conversations. i don’t communicate technical-techniques with Sergen instructor. We make jokes, strengthen each and every different’s morale. we now have a brother-sister relationship.

I hope to finish a match against Ajax without damage, coincidence or trouble. The Champions League is a separate lane. it isn’t just like the others. All groups are very robust.

More than half our injuries are as a result of blows. i do not know how you will transform so difficult as to play with a colleague’s sports lifestyles for a living.

It is not simple to play matches so continuously. Those are difficult fits. we will be able to play on our own box this weekend. i don’t suppose the injuries are caused by the bottom on my own. If it were, i might like to play the fit in different places anyway.

The roots of the grass don’t move deep because the weather may be very scorching. We Have been repairing those little areas for weeks. It shall be finished in 1-2 weeks. i do not assume there will be an issue. After the national break, 99.9% of the bottom will likely be perfect. on the second, injuries are not from the bottom.

The ones who got here from the background with Ersin and Rıdvan are my brothers with whom i will be able to keep in touch easily as a result of they may be able to discuss Turkish. there is an even in each evil. We go out with accidents, but 2-THREE more golden kids will emerge from those accidents.

The Federation changes its decision annually. they may be able to amendment the international rule subsequent year. If these selections will proceed as they’ve made, let’s plan accordingly.

We met with Ajax years ago for the infrastructure style, however the pandemic intervened. in the absence of tools, we considered which budget to spend on infrastructure. Mehmet Ekşi took office, but lets now not make enough investments. we will be able to positioned the paintings into effect after the pandemic.

Serdar Saatçı played easy and clean football in the Altay match. I expect a good recreation from him in the Ajax fit today.

There are troll bills. one in every of our ex-presidential applicants criticizes us. He says you paid the hobby at a higher value. the person wrote in any such way that he was once like an economics professor. They throw, they hold. We’re heavy sufficient. Those forms of things bother us.

I wanted to establish a balanced group among source of revenue and rate. i didn’t spend all the 40M€. I spent some of it for Beşiktaş fanatics to revel in. I spent perhaps 10M€. That Is additionally a presidential resolution.

I will comment by way of observing our referees and the referees of other matches during the national break. i’ve no purpose of letting move. Sitting in the VAR room and not seeing it’s one thing. for those who watch it 3 times in entrance of the camera and say it’s blank, they’ll ask the person for his account. If we are silent, we have a reason

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