Besiktas match description from Rıza Çalımbay: Winning a match there

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Calimbay, who made a statement to the club’s website, said that they had been glad to beat VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük with a distinct ranking of 4-ZERO in the league remaining week. He emphasized that their opponents are a strong crew. we will try to do our greatest.”

Evaluating the efficiency of the defender Dimitrios Goutas, who was once a success in airing the opponent’s nets 4 occasions in the crimson and white workforce, Çalimbay said: “He does his activity cleanly, he does not take any dangers. and he plays with a ensure. Dimitrios Goutas does almost the whole thing you are expecting from a defender, and he rankings targets. i hope he maintains till the top. I Am more than pleased to work with one of these player. he is a certified player all round. It’s nice for a defender to go and evaluation objective positions. i’m hoping we see the same in our other fits.”


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