Beşiktaş fans made Amsterdam black and white

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Prior To the Ajax-Besiktas match, the tickets have been sold out days in the past. Black-and-white football fans stuffed the stands of two,500 folks reserved for them in the Amsterdam Area with a capacity of 52,500 people. Meanwhile, Beşiktaş fanatics began cheering hours earlier than the match. Lots of Black and White spectators crammed the streets of Amsterdam with cheers. Football enthusiasts, who are dedicated to Black Eagle, gave their team full improve for NINETY mins. in addition, Black and White enthusiasts took their place in many stands of the stadium, except the capacity reserved for Beşiktaş fans.

They applauded

According to the latest data, roughly FIVE-6 thousand spectators attended It was discovered that he adopted the combat from his position. Beşiktaş football lovers left the sector sadly on the finish of the combat. On The Other Hand, despite everything, the make stronger of the Black-Whites to their groups for 90 mins was once applauded.

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