Berna Gözbaşı: We Can take Kayserispor to the point it merits

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Yukatel Kayserispor defeated Galatasaray THREE-0 in the 6th week of the Super League. Yukatel Kayserispor President Berna Gözbaşı, who made a press release on the finish of the match, stated, “First of all, i am more than happy. “I said we might make amends. Thank God we saved our promise. This fit was crucial to figure out our place within the league. Thank God we started to determine our place. ” he ultimate defeated in 1974, the yr i was born’

”Another which means of this win for me can be my age, but Kayserispor defeated Galatasaray in 1974, the year i used to be born. “It used to be very significant that the group gave me this victory lately and the primary objective got here within the thirty eighth minute. i’d love to thank our instruct, our football participant, our soccer director and our supervisor brothers who did not leave me on my own this season.”

‘you recognize the place we were at the day we came to the presidency’

”Hopefully we will be able to carry our Yukatel Kayserispor to where it deserves. you understand where we were after we got here to the presidency. Now, years later, we can continue to make our town proud the place we deserve. we have also had very tricky days. It made me glad to look those beautiful days. Our momentum will continue to increase. Our city and our workforce bonded completely.” (DHA)

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