Berkan Kutlu: I Attempted to do my responsibility in the very best manner

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IN THE 2d match of UEFA Europa League Group E, Galatasaray drew 0-0 away with Marseille and maintained its leadership. making a statement after 90 minutes, Galatasaray’s 23-yr-antique midfielder Berkan Kutlu said that they are a young crew and that they won revel in by enjoying fits in such atmospheres.

‘i tried to do my accountability in the highest approach’

Congratulating his teammates for their combat, Berkan mentioned, “We ran a lot. We closed the sector. Technically, as our coach stated, we could have done higher with less turnovers. I will have done much less turnovers too. there is no use to speak so much about running distance. I had a duty there and i attempted to do it within the best possible means possible.” The player stated, “We have been more than pleased that we gained in the Lazio sport. we are additionally happy to get a point here. Because taking part in here is demanding. we have now a young staff. it is the first recreation and first enjoy I Have performed in such atmospheres. i tried to not be suffering from the atmosphere. When the fan events broke out, the game turned chilly and stopped… We had the upper hand until the sport stopped. With these stories, i think we will pass further as a crew.”

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