Aykut Kocaman put an finish to the claims of Konyaspor!

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The allegations and the reactions to the news that Konyaspor is in search of a train and that he has been involved with Aykut Kocaman do not forestall. After the Konyaspor control denied the legit channel, a reaction got here from the main hero of the claim, educate Aykut Kocaman. Kocaman, in an announcement to his shut circle, mentioned that he used to be very dissatisfied whilst he noticed the news and that he didn’t listen that such a information would be written, and that he did not even obtain an opinion from him.


According to the scoop of Veli Özkan from Yeni Haber newspaper, Kocaman said, ‘I do not know who wrote it anymore, he made an unfounded declare. i have neither had a gathering with Konyaspor nor am I in such an expectation. Whereas; Konyaspor is now on a very just right track with İlhan Palut. I observe the staff with liking, everything seems tremendous. The modification of teacher may have been a surprise besides. i can no longer train a staff this season. All Through my occupation, after leaving a team, I gave myself the opportunity to rest for a while. My minimum rest period was 7 months. As I said, I Don’t wish to educate a crew this season,’ he stated.

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