Atılay Caner: Players lying on the floor don’t rise up from the bottom

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VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük Technical Manager Atılay Canel, emphasizing the lack of time the ball stays within the game, mentioned, “We started the sport willingly and willingly. The opponent was once completely closed in the first FORTY FIVE minutes, he has no position. In Spite Of this, we’ve got FOUR-5 clear purpose positions. now we have a few positions within the 2nd half in addition. The time the ball stays within the recreation used to be too quick in my opinion. for the reason that friends who were at the floor didn’t understand how to rise up from the ground. We also expect our referees not to supply too much bonus to these occasions. it is our need to stay the ball within the sport. we have objectives and desires. a week “

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