Apparel support from Beşiktaş to students from Siirt

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WITHIN THE observation made via the black and white club, it was stated that garments inclusive of boots, coats, scarves, berets and Beşiktaş uniforms were allotted to the scholars of Çevik Ersin Temel Number One School and Şehit Zafer Kılıç Fantastic Arts and Sports Activities Highschool in Siirt.

IN THE remark. Beşiktaş A Group Quartermaster Erdal Erdem stated: “We got here to Siirt lately. We brought assist to our children from Istanbul. If the kids are satisfied, we are glad. Their happiness is the happiness of all of us. on the related time, the proceeds from the public sale method of the jersey signed by means of our football players and artists can be donated to the Siirt Women’s Refuge.”

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