Analysis from Nihat Özdemir prior to the nationwide fits

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Nihat Özdemir made an analysis earlier than the Norwegian and Latvian fits of the Nationwide Group within the Yusufeli district of Artvin, where he got here for a chain of visits. After Şenol Güneş, we appointed Mr. Stefan Kuntz. We recruited the new nationwide crew body of workers. They started working at Riva. we will be able to play an excessively important game against Norway on October 8. Then we will go to Latvia. we’ve an important fit there too. we have two essential matches for our nationwide workforce on October EIGHT and October 11. Hopefully, if we finish those two matches with a win, we can even have an opportunity to come out of the group. On October ELEVEN, even as we play in opposition to Latvia, the Netherlands will face Norway. “we will be able to have left in the back of every week of international matches that will determine the primary and the second one. If we win the Norway fit, we can pop out as the leader, we will be able to additionally come out 2nd.” Expressing that EIGHT weeks have handed within the Tremendous League, Nihat Özdemir said, “Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray Trabzonspor and Beşiktaş are all fighting for leadership at the moment. it is essential in the Super League, they are aggressive. We Are observing the video games.” he mentioned.

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