Amputee Nationwide Football Team units its points of interest on international championship

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The tutor Osman Çakmak, who came to his fatherland of Tokat with the Amputee Nationwide Soccer Workforce, advised the AA correspondent that he was once satisfied, as a Tokat local, that his staff was once greeted with enthusiasm. My brothers and that i will get the power and pleasure of this within the works at the World Cup. We changed into champions as a team. we’re more than happy, very peaceful. From the moment we entered Tokat, that excitement and enthusiasm higher the motivation of my brothers a little extra. Our work became a little bit more straightforward in technical terms, too. ”

– “Amputate soccer within the international is asked from Turkey”

Çakmak mentioned that the world Cup can be held in Turkey in 2022 and mentioned: He referred to:

“Optimistically, we will be able to make a high degree attempt to depart the 2022 International Cup, which we will host, in Turkey. I trust my hometown for this enthusiasm. i used to be the president of the association here before. i was acutely aware of this. The happiness that my lions experience. “i would like it to be a gift to the Turkish other people. we’re an excellent state, we’ve a great nation, we’ve a great workforce. Amputee football in the international is requested from Turkey.”


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