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How to Play Among Us?

There are 2 teams in the game. One of them is crewmate and the other is impostors. The impostors’ task is to win the game by killing all the crewmats. Crewmats’ task is to find the impostor among them. The game is similar to the peasant-vampire game. You can think of Crewmats as villagers, Impostors as vampires. You can find the best settings of the game at the end of the article.

How to Install Among Us Game?

By clicking the online button on the start screen, entering your name, we say “Create Game”. We make the adjustments found here. We specify here how many people will be in the game, the number of impostors and which map will be played. Then we send the place where it says Code: TVNBFF to our friends. They need to enter this code in the PRIVATE section of the game’s login screen. So you can play fun games together. You can change the image of our character from the computer at the starting point. You can also make different adjustments to the game.

How to Download AMONG US, is it Paid?

Among Us is available for sale on Steam for 10.50 TL. Among Us, which also has mobile versions, can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and App Store. One of the reasons the game is played the most is its extremely low price.

Why was it so Popular?

The reason why the game, which has been popular recently, gained such momentum and increased the number of players; It is an immersive game and delight the players. In addition, the fact that this game is partially free and has different features from many games also affects its popularity.

There are two groups in the game, Impostor and Crewmate. The game randomly joins its players into one of these two groups when the game starts. Crewmate players’ mission; While the task specified on the map is to do without being killed, the task of Impostor players is to kill those in the crewmate group.

The main excitement of this game is; It is not clear who is in which group, and Impostor players can also create fake missions on the mission map and hunt those in the Crewmate group.

Game Errors

How to fix Disconnected From The Server Error? In addition, many errors are resolved and resolved with the same method. First of all, reset your computer and unplug your modem and wait for 20-30 seconds.

You must update to Steam. Close the Steam application and update it from the beginning. Make sure you have the latest version of the game installed. You can change the server in the game.

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