Altayli Kappel: What I stated used to be distorted and misrepresented

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Kappel, who grew up with the Ajax infrastructure, made a statement on his social media account and emphasised that Beşiktaş is an excessively big and different club. In his commentary to the Dutch media, Kappel mentioned that he expects Beşiktaş to be defeated by Ajax in the Champions League, and that they do not have an opportunity to win. Leandro Kappel, who launched a video in Turkish after the reactions, said, “First of all, i want to say it. Turkey is my 2d country. The Dutch journalist cut the video and shared it. i will be able to sue if vital. I just desired to tell in regards to the difficulties in football. He did not proportion his praises for Beşiktaş. Having 13 injured gamers left Beşiktaş in an excessively tough scenario as a result of Ajax is in nice shape. I simply sought after to mention this. Beşiktaş is a very massive and unique membership, i do know it really well. What I’ve stated has been distorted and misrepresented. i want it to be known,” he mentioned.

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