Altay establishes 100s Club

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Considered One Of the Tremendous League teams, Altay is organising the 100’s Membership to honor its gamers who’ve worn the black and white jersey more than 100 occasions. The 100’s Membership, so one can come with avid gamers enjoying within the Super League matches in the first position, will probably be made to include all leagues and cup suits as the research is deepened. on this manner, the names of the unforgettable football players who left their mark at the historical past of significant Altai might be saved alive without end and the gamers might be presented to the more youthful era. Ayfer Elmastaşoğlu, Bilal Yaşar, Tanzer Sencer, Enver Katip, Zinnur Sarı, Mithat Mıhçı, Zafer Bilgetay, Kazım Yıldız, Necdet Tunca, Yılmaz Yaşamsoy, Sabahattin Erbuğa, Mustafa Turgat, Mustafa Kaplakaslan , Şeref İncirmen, Ali Rıza Şenol, Miodrag Yesiç, Turgut Uçar, Erol Togay, Aytekin Erhanoğlu, Şeref Onarlıoğlu, Alper Timur and Ümit Kayıhan.

The record shall be shared with the general public

Orhan Üstündağ, Tahir Karapınar, Şanver Göymen, Müfit İkizoğlu, Ahmet Akuygur, Reha Kapsal, Ramazan Torunoğlu, Erdi Demir, Yüksel Kepoğlu, Serdar Berkin, Hakan Kayalar, Zafer Part and Serkan Karababa. The record of roughly 50 other people might be finished and shared with the general public in the coming days. Right Away after, all league and cup suits shall be added and the 100’s Membership of significant Altay might be officially created.

Ekmekçioğlu: Among our most significant initiatives

President Özgür Ekmekçioğlu, for the 100’s Membership mission, said, “Altay is one in every of the most rooted groups in our u . s .. thus far, Turkish football It has educated masses of gamers. it is not easy to be Mustafa from Altay, Ayfer from Altay, Orhan from Altay, Ramazan from Altay. All of them are our players who left their mark on soccer history. The more the Altay Membership embraces its personal values, the stronger it is going to grow to be and the simpler it will be able to specific itself to the new technology. That’s why the 100’s Club is amongst our most important initiatives.”

Chairman Ekmekçioğlu, emphasizing that the record has now not but been finalized and that the work maintains uninterrupted, mentioned, “Our objective is to show the length among 1914 and 1959 and to position ahead an entire challenge. we can entire all our work till the anniversary of our club’s foundation. 100′ we will come in conjunction with our members of the People’s Membership, we will get ready an emblem of membership that will probably be proudly carried by way of everyone, and we will be able to give a boost to the bond between the previous and the long run.”

Surprise for Naderi and Atalay

Continuing its paintings without interruption between the nationwide matches, Altay had birthday celebrations. Iranian football player Mohammed Naderi and Club Normal Manager Atakan Atalay, born in 1996, entered their new age with a rite attended through Train Mustafa Denizli, administrative and technical staff, to boot as soccer avid gamers. in the ceremony, which was once relatively joyous, the cake was once cut and Naderi and Atalay had been applauded.


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