Allegations of harassment in Australian women’s soccer

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The allegations of Australian female soccer participant Lisa de Vanna, who retired final month, that she was confused time and again during her professional career, led to nice repercussions in the united states. Claiming that she was confused many times, she mentioned, “Have I been sexually confused? Yes. Have I been bullied? Sure. Did my reviews bother me? Sure. What I Have experienced in any sports activities organization or environment is unacceptable. Those unprofessional acts make me sick to my abdomen.”

Whilst ex-teammate Elissia Carnavas and ex-coach Rose Garofano supported Lisa de Vanna’s allegations on social media, Australian feminine football player Rhali Dobson claimed that she experienced equivalent harassment all over her first professional career.

In the observation made by the Australian Football Federation on the subject, it was stated that the allegations of harassment towards female soccer players within the usa’s press are unacceptable, “we can handle our zero tolerance policy against those problems. An independent investigation commission has been established to shed mild on the incident. Interviews can be held with the players and investigation will likely be opened.”

Australia, in partnership with New Zealand, will host the 2023 FIFA Women’s International Cup.


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