Ali Koç: Başakşehir deserved to win

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Fenerbahce President Ali Koç made an announcement after the two-0 defeat to Başakşehir.

Ali Koç’s statements are as follows;

Basakşehir has a transparent victory


An unexpected consequence. We have been going to have a bad sport somewhere. He also met these days. i feel it will be an even lesson to appear at the early arrival of the street coincidence from a positive point of view. Başakşehir got a transparent victory. It used to be a deserved win. At a few element, their luck could turn, it came about to us.

we might have liked to attain 3 points, but it didn’t work

There is not any reason why to panic, i believe in my team and my teacher a great deal. The Next Day begins a modern day. we will deal with the Giresunspor fit on Thursday. We had been disenchanted, we needed to get 3 issues, however it didn’t happen. Good health. I promised a group that fights, struggles and can do justice to the jersey. we’ve temporarily come to some extent that i’ve observed and favored so far. i hope we will boost up this.

We watched a very good referee control in the Frankfurt sport

I’m not speaking about the rating of the match, TFF, MHK, Golf Equipment Association should make a sound. the sport does not stop like that. we are most certainly the league where the movements to move the time are made most simply. i feel the referees will not allow this. We watched an excellent referee control within the Frankfurt recreation, the sport was once very clear. We can not leave out them both. Sivasspor match used to be performed for 45 minutes, the match was stopped for 12 minutes, they gave 7 minutes of overtime. this is a phenomenon that harms the logo worth of soccer. Whatever we talk to TFF, they say you might be proper, but not anything adjustments.

Referees certainly get drained, too

Thank goodness nothing came about in refereeing these days. Referees obviously get drained, too. Fatigue can have an effect on determination reflexes and focal point. It started whilst nothing used to be dangerous… It Is something that started consciously. you always see troll accounts, this is merely for the stands and to put on us out. there is a staff in Fenerbahçe that creates a quandary surroundings and hopes for a congress.

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