Alanyasporlu Famara Diedhioudan hat-trick

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Alanyaspor’s striker Famara Diedhiou, one of the Super League teams, confirmed off in the nationwide match… The 29-12 months-antique striker marked the fit by which his united states of america Senegal used to be hosted through Namibia in Crew H throughout the scope of the 2022 International Cup Qualifications.

22. Senegal took a 1-0 lead with Diedhiou in the 2nd minute, while Peter Shalulile brought Namibia a draw at 27. But in the 2d part, Diedhiou was a star. First, he took the stage in 51 and positioned his united states of america forward once again, then set the ranking with the purpose he scored in EIGHTY FOUR: 1-3. It rose to twelve points. Namibia has 4 points.

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