Adana Demirspora fined by way of PFDK

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The Pro Football Disciplinary Board (PFDK) fined Adana Demirspor 32 thousand TL for the sector incidents because of the fans within the Gaziantep FK match.

the decisions taken by means of the professional Soccer Disciplinary Committee are as follows:

“1- ATAKAŞ HATAYSPOR Club, played on 26.09.2021, ATAKAŞ HATAYSPOR-FENERBAHÇE A.Ş. WITHIN THE Tremendous League pageant, the Club representative was once punished with a DECLARATION PENALTY because of the violation of the instructions due to his late participation in the competition organization assembly, IN THE Tremendous League match, as a result of the unsightly and unhealthy cheers because of the fanatics and since this action used to be performed for the first time within the fit during which the host club was once within the related season, it was punished with a CAUTION PENALTY Through blockading the cards of the spectators throughout the scope of the electronic price tag of the spectators in the D block, they’re avoided from getting into the contest during which they’re the next host membership,

THREE- ADANA DEMİRSPOR A.Ş., 25.09.2 ADANA DEMİRSPOR A.Ş.-GAZİANTEP FOOTBALL MEMBERSHIP A.Ş., played on 021. IN THE Super League fit, he was once punished with a 32.000.-TL MONEY PENALTY due to field incidents resulting from his fans,

ADANA DEMİRSPOR A.Ş. President MURAT SANCAK was once punished with a 5,000.-TL MONEY PENALTY for violating the directions because of his failure to conform with the mask wearing rule while he was once within the stadium,

ADANA DEMİRSPOR A.Ş. Manager SÜLEYMAN BİLİCİ used to be punished with a 5,000.-TL CASH PENALTY as a result of the violation of the instructions due to not obeying the masks wearing rule while he used to be in the stadium,

ADANA DEMİRSPOR A.Ş. Even Though the director, METİN KORKMAZ, was referred to our Board because of his presence within the stadium while his sentence of deprivation of rights was still in impact; since the components of the alleged disciplinary violation did not happen, it was determined that there has been no room for APPOINTMENT OF PENALTY.”

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