Abuse allegations in opposition to Maradona: Locked me in room, drugged

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Photos of a Cuban woman named Mavys Alvarez (37) in bed with mythical football participant Diego Armando Maradona, who died ultimate 12 months, has emerged. talking to The United States TeVe, Alvarez mentioned; She stated she was once drugged and sexually abused through Maradona. Declaring that he was once simplest 16 years old when he used to be introduced to Maradona, 40, who got here to Cuba for drug treatment in 2000, Alvarez stated, “While I Used To Be taken to Maradona’s room, I entered a hotel for the primary time in my life. Lifestyles with Maradona used to be crazy. Events, nightclubs…” He said.


Describing that Maradona compelled him to use medicine, Alvarez stated, “At that time, he went in a foreign country. was once forbidden. Fidel Castro gave me permission to go in a foreign country thanks to Maradona. I went to Maradona’s jubilee. yet again I went to Argentina for plastic surgery. He pressured me to amplify my breasts. I went for 20 days nevertheless it took 2.5 months. He locked me in his hotel room and held me forcibly.” His legal professional defined why the applicant, Mavys Alvarez, waited 21 years to speak, with the following phrases: “Mavys Alvarez has not been ready to speak beforehand as a result of he used to be frightened of the previous Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Maradona. That Is why she waited for either one of them to die earlier than she could talk.”

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