ABSTRACT | Royal Health Center Bandırmaspor – Altınordu match outcome: 2-1

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Bandırmaspor could not evaluate absolutely the chance of scoring within the 10th minute. Faced with the goalkeeper via Akabueze’s move, Pucko passed the goalkeeper and despatched the ball to the goal. The safeguard took the ball out of the objective line.

Manaj met the ball outside the penalty house within the twenty third minute. Manaj’s shot to the higher left corner was once knocked out through the goalkeeper.

Pucko’s arduous shot from within the penalty space in Bandırmaspor within the 26th minute went out from the side of the post.

In the 40th minute. Landel, who met the ball whilst Pucko’s shot again from the protection in Bandırmaspor, made a perfect shot along with his left foot and despatched the ball into the web.

the primary half ended with 1-0 Bandırmaspor’s superiority: 1-ZERO. He went. 1-1

In the 85th minute, within the carrom that came about in front of the fort in the center of Kerim Avcı’s left flank, Doğancan despatched the ball into the nets and placed Bandırmaspor beforehand again. 2-1

The match ended with this score.


STATE: September 17

REFEREES: Çağdaş Altay, Orkun Aktaş, Erkan Akbulut

ROYAL CLINIC BANDIRMASPOR: Gökhan Değirmenci, Lokman Gör, Manaj (Min.89

Dos Santos) Okan Alkan(Min.90+THREE Bilal Ceylan) Landel, Doğancan Davas( Min. 89 Burak

Suleyman), Akabueze ( Min. 72 Guido Koçer)Caner, Pucko ( Min. 72 Kerim Avcı)Gökay

ALTINORDU: Ali Emre, Volkan, Ahmet İlhan( Min.62 Kenan Fakılı) Ali Dere, Recep, Rıdvan,

Burak (Min. FORTY SIX Metehan Yılmaz), Kürşat, Hüsamettin(Min. SEVENTY THREE Ahmet Dereli) Feyttullah( Min.55

Enis Desten), Yusuf

GOALS: Min. FORTY Landel, Min.85 Doğancan (Bandırmaspor), Min. 82 Ahmet Dereli (Altınordu)

YELLOW CARDS: Min. 29 Rıdvan, Min.43 Ali Dere, Min.85 Enis Destan (Altınordu) Min. 63

Lokman (Bandırmaspor)


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