ABSTRACT | Gaziantep FK – Altay fit outcome: 4-1

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Gaziantep FK hosted Altay within the 8th week of the Super League. Even As the first half the match ended 0-0, FIVE goals had been scored within the 2nd part, while Gaziantep FK defeated Altay 4-1 with goals within the 2nd part.

Gaziantep FK’s goals have been scored by Alexandru Maxim from the penalty spot in the 52nd minute, Alexander Merkel within the 57th minute, Maxim once more in the 61st minute after goalkeeper Lis’s mistake, and Nouha Dicko in the 73rd minute.

Gaziantep FK, who received their third consecutive win in the home box, greater to ELEVEN points with 3 wins and a pair of draws at the end of 8 fits in general, whilst Altay, whose 3-week successful streak ended, remained at 15 issues with FIVE wins and three losses.


Mins from the match

9. Sagal, who met with the leather-based spherical in the penalty space after the unfastened kick utilized by Maxim from the host Gaziantep in the 2nd minute, threw the ball auta over the goal.

27. Merkel, who met the ball in entrance of the penalty arc in Gaziantep’s assault that developed from the midfield, hit laborious. Murat Akca within the penalty space led the ball into the corner.

33. The onerous shot taken through Kistio at the right of the penalty house within the second minute returned from the top post.

Figueiredo’s shot in the penalty area in the second minute, the ball went extensive from the left of the goal.

The first 1/2 Gaziantep FK – Altay match ended 0-0.

PENALTY | 50. Mins in Gaziantep, Kitsiou remained at the flooring with Zeki’s intervention and Gaziantep FK gained a penalty.

PURPOSE | Gaziantep FK took the lead within the 52nd minute with Maxim’s penalty objective: 1-0


53. IN THE Altay attack, which advanced from the middle area within the 2d minute, Kappel hit the ball as quickly as he entered the penalty space, but the ball remained in the goalkeeper Günay.

PURPOSE | 57. In Gaziantep FK, Figueiredo noticed Merkel moving at the back of the safety and the German participant, who confronted the goalkeeper, increased the variation to two: 2-ZERO


OBJECTIVE | Sagal in Gaziantep at 61st minute’ After the mistake of Altay goalkeeper Lis in the heart made through Altay from the left wing, the ball in any case hit Maxim and went into the online: 3-0


GOAL | 63.

Lis scored Figueiredo’s shot from the left diagonal inside the penalty house in the 2nd minute, even as Dicko larger the lead to 3 for Gaziantep again: 4-1


81. Paixao touched the ball sent by means of Ceyhun Gülselam to the back of the defense within the Altay assault, which evolved from the road wing in the second minute, but the ball returned to the taking part in field from the post.

There was no additional goal in the final phase and Gaziantep FK defeated Altay FOUR-1.

STAT: Gaziantep Kalyon

REFEREES: Bahattin Şimşek, Samet Çiçek, GökhanBarcın

GAZİANTEP FK: Günay Güvenç- Tosça, Muhammet Demir, Halil İbrahim Pehlivan(Min. . 85 Hamza Mendyl), Recep Niyaz, Figueiredo(Min 75 Ertuğrul Ersoy), Sagal(Min 66 Dicko) Maxim(Min 85Messaoudi), Caulker, Merkel(Min SEVENTY FIVE Doğan Erdoğan), Kitsiou

ALTAY: Mateusz Lis- Naderi, Roland, Björkander, Kappel(Min 77 Paixao), Zeki Yıldırım, Mohamed Rayan (Min FORTY SIX Erhan), Bamba, Tamayo (Min SIXTY THREE Ceyhun), Murat Akça, Thiam(Min 63 Poko), Gabriel Karayel

FUNCTION: Min. 51, DK. 61 Maxim (P), Min.56 Merkel, Min. SEVENTY TWO Dicko (Gaziantep FK) – Min. 63 Erhan Çelenk (Altay)

YELLOW CARDS: Sagal,Ertuğrul (Gaziantep FK) – Gabriel Karayel (Altay)


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