ABSTRACT | Antalyaspor – Yeni Malatyaspor fit outcome: 1-ZERO

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Within The 7th week of the Tremendous League, groups that wanted to positioned an end to the dangerous state of affairs met. Antalyaspor from Ersun Yanal hosted Yeni Malatyaspor beneath the control of İrfan Buz. Whilst entering the remaining section of the match with a goalless equality, Güray Vural came on the stage and together with his gorgeous goal in 89, he helped the Antalya workforce depart the fit with 3 points: 1-0. İrfan Buz’s staff, Yeni Malatyaspor, lost their 4th consecutive defeat in the Tremendous League, remaining on 6 points.



5. The ball went aft in the hard shot of Poli, who entered the penalty space from the best diagonally within the 1st minute with feints.

16. Mustafa Eskihellaç, who met with the ball at a point out of doors the penalty space within the final minute, went a short distance from the round leather facet. Adem Büyük, who met the ball at the back post after the center of Tetteh from the suitable wing within the 2nd minute, made a round leather-based auta with out ready.

The first 1/2 the fit was once finished ZERO-0.

48. Gökdeniz, who met the ball in the penalty space with Nuri Şahin’s lengthy move, dropped the ball to Poli in front of the purpose without ready. On Poli’s shot, the ball hit the defender and went into a corner.

53. Dealing With the goalkeeper with Chouiar’s intermediate go within the 2d minute, Hadadi’s kick from the ground, goalkeeper Boffin knocked the ball into the corner.

88. After the laborious shot of Fredy, who met the ball outside the penalty space with Amilton’s cross, the spherical leather goalkeeper Ertaç Özbir was once left behind.

89. Antalyaspor took the lead in the second minute. Within The middle of Bünyamin Balcı from the best wing, Güray Vural’s onerous shot from the back put up without ready, met with round leather-based nets: 1-0.Stat: Antalya

Referees: Mert Güzenge, Deniz Caner Özaral, Mehmet Emin Tuğral

Fraport TAV Antalyaspor: Boffin, Floranus (Min. 69 Bünyamin Balcı), Veysel Sarı, Naldo , Güray Vural, Poli, Nuri Şahin (Min 68 Hakan Özmert), Gökdeniz Bayrakdar (Min 69 Ghacha), Fredy, Mukairu (Min FIFTY SIX Crivelli), Wright (Min 87 Amilton)

Öznur Kablo Yeni Malatyaspor: Ertaç Özbir, Semih Kaya, Wallace, Sadık Çiftpınar, Hadadi, Ndong, Aabid (Min 90 Mert Miraç Altıntaş), Mustafa Eskihallaç, Chouiar (Min 88 Mallan), Adem Büyük (Min SEVENTY TWO Bwalya), Tetteh

Objective: Min. 89 Güray Vural (Fraport TAV Antalyaspor)

Yellow cards: Min. SIXTY SIX Gökdeniz Bayrakdar, Min. 81 Naldo (Fraport TAV Antalyaspor), Min. 80 Aabid (Öznur Kablo Yeni Malatyaspor)

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