A NEW system from Stefan Kuntz to the National Group FOUR-3-3

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A National Staff’s show, Kuntz, brings a new environment off the field, whilst on the sphere he plans a unique group from Şenol Güneş. Here Are the details…


According to Sabah’s file; The Nationwide Crew, which performed 4-2-THREE-1 in the sunshine duration, changed its in-field formation. Kuntz, who followed the FOUR-3-3 machine, referred to as Berkan Kutlu and Berat Özdemir to the candidate squad in preference to K Yokuslu, which he did not in finding appropriate for this formation. Announcing, “Our numbers 6 and eight need to be rapid, play vertically,” Kuntz is making ready to play the Norway sport with a triple midfielder such as Taylan-Berkan-Ozan Tufan.


The German instruct sweetly warns his back passers in apply and uses the phrases “Do Not play backwards until it is necessary.” Stefan Kuntz particularly asks midfielders to place their positions ahead on the sector.


Kuntz, who attaches importance to the passing recreation, will entire Burak Yılmaz on the offensive line with Cengiz Ünder and Hakan Çalhanoğlu from the sides. Kuntz emphasised that they will now not defend against their opponents and they are going to call to mind the assault.

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