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64 Best Facade for Tiny House Ideas

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We could not find a Turkish word that would match the full meaning of tiny house, but we can call it micro house for now until we find a better one.

The tiny house movement, simply put, is a social movement of people who prefer to downsize their living spaces and spaces. People participated in this movement for different reasons such as environmental reasons, financial reasons or living freely.

What is Tiny house movement and Tiny house?

This move helps people by showing that there are ways different from their own lifestyle. It is a movement that starts from America and grows and develops especially in other developed countries.
Tiny Houses are structures between 10 m2 and 30 m2, built on wheels or fixed, and they can be of any shape, size and form. They provide a simple and economical life in small but more efficient spaces. The mobile ones may look like an ordinary caravan, but these houses are not only cute in appearance, they also encourage environmentally friendly and sustainable living. It takes less resources to build and live after, which means less energy use, less waste and less carbon footprint. In addition, thanks to its features such as solar panel system, lithium battery energy storage, compost toilet, reuse of gray water for irrigation, they are innovative, smart and green houses that are self-sufficient independent of the grid.

With Tiny house, sustainable living is not only possible with a decrease in energy use, it also means a decrease in your bills. For individuals who choose to live this way, tiny house living means a smaller, simpler and more sustainable lifestyle.