61 Kitchen Decor You Can Choose From Your Own Dimensions Ideas

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It is possible to create an unforgettable kitchen with the few items you give in your kitchen! Research with colors such as black, white, gray and beige, you can be sure that this modern design will offer you a space again.
When applying Minimalist, the preferred dry kitchen cabinet model should have a simple design. If you wish, you can buy a lower module that is suitable for the Minimalist color palette and include shelves that are among the 2019 kitchen trends as an upper module.
Ceramics with geometric patterns or monochrome ceramics may be your first choices when applying this decoration style. In addition, you can also choose stripe patterned wallpapers that combine contrasting colors such as black and white.

It is quite remarkable with sharp geometric content in lighting products. In these products with a simple design, besides black metal, you can benefit from rose metal and silver color trends of recent years.
Choosing your sink and faucet to use the color of the granule product can help you achieve a holistic effect.
You should also choose products that have minimal effects in kitchen accessories. You can also choose metal reflections in these products with a very simple design.
You can use parquet or geometric design ceramics in the floor decoration. If the floor has a simple design, it is useful to choose modern kitchen rugs with geometric patterns or color transitions, and if the floor is moving, it is useful to choose one-color kitchen rugs.