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52 Colorful Wall Ideas

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Colors are the most vital elements of any design scheme, so the colors of our rooms’ walls also play a decisive role in decoration. One of the most common decorating habits has been choosing one color for the entire room and painting all the walls the same color. However, there is a trend that has become more and more prominent in recent years: painting the walls of the rooms in two different colors.

The color combinations on the walls of a room create a different and extraordinary style in decoration, and the color transitions on the walls emphasize a certain area in a much more striking way. Decorations using two different colors that match or create contrast with each other also reveal a new identity in modern home designs. The use of two different colors on the walls can add subtle elegance or a striking contrast to a room’s decor, depending on the color combinations chosen. Experienced interior designers use some basic color and toning rules according to the light spectrum of the room while applying this favorite trend of recent years. Different color combinations can produce different visual harmonies, and the psychological effects they create in the rooms are also quite different.