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49 Complementary Decoration Product For Your Sleeping Area Ideas

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Bamboo, which has been the symbol of honesty in Japan and friendship in India for a long time, is a plant from the poaceae family, spreading to 10 genera and more than 1,450 subspecies and growing intensively in Asia. I want to learn the kitchen bamboos, a type of Bambuseae that can reach a thickness of 20 cm and a length of 30 meters.


Photosynthesis, which is the breathing method applied by all green plants for living, can be summarized as the plant uses carbon dioxide and solar energy in the air to convert it into starch and carbohydrate and release the oxygen released after using carbon to the nature. In other words, the richer the forestlands of a spray, the cleaner the air and the more abundant rain.

Bamboo, one of the symbolic plants of the rainy climate of the Far East, absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide than plants of similar photosynthesis. Because of this behavior, bamboo forests are the forests that clean the air the fastest and have the fastest application to our world.

Since the use of bamboo products is demanding, these forests are also applied on nature. There is no such cycle in any other branch of the wood industry.