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48 Mirror Decor For Your Walls That Will Give A Bohemian Look Ideas

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What is Bohemian Decoration?

Bohemian style is a trend defined in France. Inspired by the nomadic, free and traveler-spirited gypsy culture, Bohemian style reflects itself in many areas today.
It carries a crowded, colorful, lively and free decor pattern. We can even call it an uneven distribution. You can keep the Bohemian style, which shows itself especially in the field of fashion and textile, in your life with beautiful decor pieces.

How to Use Bohemian Style Colors?

Colors are the most prominent indicator of Bohemian or Boho style. You can reflect the Bohemian style inspired by Gypsy culture with bright, pastel, matte and contrast colors. In fact, you can even use incompatible colors together while applying a free decoration style. We can better exemplify this supposedly complex style with visuals.
Use of Rugs for Wall and Floor
In Bohemian style, which reflects a traveling spirit, heavy furniture is not a preferred type. We recommend that you use furniture that can be positioned practically and can easily change place and form. This applies to furniture as well as decor items used on the floor and walls.
The Geometry of Bohemian Style Decoration: Circle
It is a geometry circle that we can see sometimes in form and sometimes in pattern in bohemian style decoration products. Wall decorations, accessories, furniture forms are the best areas for you to use this geometry.