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43 Oil Lamp, Fire, Light Oil Painting Drawing Ideas

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The approach of each era to art, artists and works
it must have been different. For example, art with the Industrial Revolution
it is important to interrogate with objective reality and integrate with the public
it’s a breakthrough. The sensuality of the classical period is far from sculptural
form and solid stylistic features replaced after the Industrial Revolution
to an understanding that addresses all segments of society far from hierarchy
he must have quit. This has strengthened the relationships between the artist and the recipient. Hence, according to the way societies see
it can be said that their understanding of art is formed. “Every era, every society, produces its own way of seeing. Vision is shaped accordingly
and it makes sense accordingly. Accepted or not in society ” (Cakir, 2014:30). However, the factors affecting this situation
cultural differences are at the beginning. The element that determines aesthetic perception and forms of vision in societies is often
it has been high culture. “The true devotion of high culture is its own
it is public to the creator, but also to the self
it also sees itself as responsible for imposing aesthetic measures and providing a culture suitable for the whole community” (Gans, 2014:112). In this respect, in terms of the development of art, the integration of high culture with the public and its connection with the artist is final.
it is extremely important. The privileged section of art in the classical period
because of its appeal, the bond between the recipient and the artist has been quite distant. Strict rules of classical art, reality
the art of Quest and logical inferences included in the elite class
has been. But with modern art movements, art is with the public
it has begun to integrate

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