41 million lira decrease in Trabzonspor’s squad price

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IN KEEPING WITH the newest replace on the international-famous soccer data website ‘Transfermarkt’ on October 12, 2021; In Trabzonspor, at the same time as the marketplace price of 16 gamers lowered, EIGHT names kept their value. in the burgundy-blues, most effective 5 gamers have increased in worth. Uğurcan Çakır, who’s the most valuable participant of the Black Sea crew and the Tremendous League, regressed to the location of the second most precious participant in the league after Miralem Pjanic after the loss of 2 million Euros, at the same time as the name whose value higher probably the most in the burgundy-blue crew scored goals in the league. The midfielder who gained the race used to be Bakasetas. Trabzonspor is the 4th staff with the most valuable staff in the league, after Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş and Galatasaray.


In Trabzonspor, the marketplace price of 16 players reduced by way of 9 million 725 thousand Euros in total. Uğurcan Çakır’s price from 19 million Euros to 17 million Euros, Abdülkadir Ömür’s from EIGHT.5 million Euros to 6 million Euros, Djaniny from FIVE million Euros to 4.6 million Euros, Dorukhan Toköz 4.7 million Euros in burgundy-blue from THREE.FIVE million Euros to Denswil from THREE.5 million Euros to a few million Euros, Hamsik from THREE million Euros to 2.9 million Euros, Siopis from 2.7 million Euros to 2.6 million Euros, Serkan Asan from THREE million Euros 2.2 million Euros, Abdulkadir Finger from 3 million Euros to 2.1 million Euros, Yunus Mallı from 1.9 million Euros to 1.THREE million Euros, Hüseyin Türkmen from 1.4 million Euros to at least one million Euros, Koita from SIX HUNDRED thousand Euros. to 500 thousand Euros, Erce Kardeşler from FOUR HUNDRED thousand Euros to 350 thousand Euros, Arda Akbulut from 250 thousand Euros to 200 thousand Euros, Murat Cem Akpınar from 250 thousand Euros to 175 thousand Euros and Muhammet Taha Tepe It lowered from 150 thousand Euros to ONE HUNDRED thousand Euros.


there has been no change in the values ​​of 8 players in the burgundy-blue group. Cornelius with 6 million Euros, Hugo with FIVE.5 million Euros, Nwakaeme with FIVE million Euros, Peres with 2.FIVE million Euros, Yusuf Sarı with 1.EIGHT million Euros, Gervinho with 1.FIVE million Euros, Trondsen with 700 thousand Euros and Salih Kavrazlı with ONE HUNDRED thousand Euros.


The participant whose price larger probably the most in Trabzonspor with a distinction of 3 million Euros was once Anastasios Bakasetas. Bakasetas higher its price from 7 million Euros to ten million Euros, Edgar Ie from 4.EIGHT million Euros to 5.FIVE million Euros, Berat Özdemir from 3.FIVE million Euros to FIVE.FIVE million Euros, İsmail Köybaşı from 450 thousand Euros to 500 thousand Euros. Ahmetcan Kaplan raised it from 100 thousand Euros to 250 thousand Euros. there was a total building up of 5 million 900 thousand Euros in the worth of 5 players within the Bordeaux-Blues.


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