40 Detail Footage Of Sculptures By Famous Artist Michelangelo

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Art movements that emerged at the beginning of the century and
groups of artists have broken the traditional perception of art. Art
it is not under the rule of a single group, but that society should cease to be under the rule of a single group.
they are shaped according to their way of life. Théodore Géricault,
With artists such as Eugène Delacroix and Francisco Goya, he is major in both the style and content of European art
there have been changes. Delacroix’s works entitled Freedom and Algerian women, which guide the public, can be cited as examples of works that describe the realities of society. Similarly to the artificiality of realist artists such as Millet, Courbet and Daumier
artist and recipient in their handling of issues away from everyday life
he has bridged between. So romance and realism
although their movements have evolved against each other, the boundaries between art and life are largely
they could be said to reduce it.

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