38 Iron Bedstead That Will Return You to the Past Ideas

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Including these bulky and style-lacking bases in my bedroom, which I can almost call freaks just because I can store five or six more items? Never.

First of all, they are very heavy because they have a lot of stuff in whatever they find. It is very close to the ground. For this reason, I would like to especially watch the base users during cleaning. Because it is not possible to sweep them, nor to move them left and right. Therefore, it is worth choosing a free standing bed.
I see.

I strongly believe in decorating the bedroom according to Feng Shui. I think it interrupts the energy cycle in the room, knowing that there are so many items under the bed I sleep in and storing all these things.

Choosing a bed with six empty spaces allows you to create a much more airy atmosphere than the bed base.

I also say that as someone with high aesthetic anxiety; I believe in team spirit in terms of integrity in the bedroom. It is very difficult to find a base in bedroom sets, which are usually sold in sets. If you add a plinth profile later, an unstable and excessively high or useless bed emerges.

For this reason, the bedroom should be taken as a whole with the bedstead. Even if you find a stylish base, it will grin inside the set. Moreover, bedsteads appear as much more affordable options than box spring alternatives.